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Magazine Printing

Are you ready to give your business the boost it deserves? Yeah! What are you waiting for? Just opt for a professional magazine printing service near me. Well, a magazine can be the perfect advertising or promotion tool for some businesses. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of a lifestyle store or a travel agent or a real estate professional, a printed magazine with multiple pages can offer businesses the perfect market exposure they have been looking for. The best part of cheap magazine printing is that it can provide information to the audience in a unique way.

What’s So Great About Magazines?

Magazines can be a powerful advertising tool for business houses. It can help to establish a brand identity for industries and also to promote products or services. By including informational and promotional material in a magazine, businesses can reach out to target customers in a unique manner.

They are better than other marketing collateral, like postcards, flyers, and more. In this competitive world, businesses need to stand out distinctly from their competitors. Why? Only then prospective customers would be able to find out about the business. To create a winning spot, businesses can use magazines as a tool to communicate their brand message.

To create a maximum impact on customers, you will need to incorporate informative and engaging content. However, its success depends on the design layout aspect. A good design of a printed magazine would easily stand out from the competition. Not to forget the magazine cover as it would be the first thing that the readers would see. Based on the magazine cover, the readers will decide whether to go through the magazine or not.

For this very reason, researching your target demographic is crucial before choosing cheap magazine prints. For instance, whether your target audience is travel enthusiasts or business professions, or fitness experts, you will need to choose a cover layout accordingly.

Professional Printing Companies to Help

To ensure your magazine printing is a success, you need to get hold of a professional printing company. Nowadays, online printing companies are using their years of expertise to provide quality prints at a very low cost. Moreover, clients get the chance to pick any size format to quantity, paper and cover stock to binding options, and more.

So if you are looking for a one-stop magazine printing company, we can be a perfect choice. From quantities of 250 to 500, 750, 1000, and more, you can get any number of prints as per your requirement.

With our 24-hour magazine printing services, clients can get quality magazine printing with complete online proofing for the uploaded designs. Our professionals will check for any technical errors before taking it for cheap magazine prints.

Things To Consider for Magazine Printing

Are you all set to order a bunch of printed magazines from the magazine printing services near me? There are a few things that you need to know before that.

  • Size

When going for magazine printing services, don’t forget to check out the size options available with the company. A reputed printing company can offer a standard 5.5” x 8.5” finished size to customized size also. Based on the requirements, magazine printing online professionals can provide clients with an 8.5” x 11” finished size also.

  • Saddle Stitched or Perfect Bound

Before availing of cheap magazine printing services, it’s important to keep in mind that magazines are either saddle-stitched or perfect bound. Depending on the target audience, business houses should pick any one binding technique.

Let’s take a look into these two techniques in detail.


  1. Saddle Stitching: In this binding technique, single sheets of paper, usually printed on both sides are arranged in order. After that, it is folded in half and staples along the fold line. This technique should be used when one is planning to print a magazine with less than a 48-page count.


  1. Perfect Binding: In this binding technique, magazine printing near me professionals will arrange the single sheets of both-sides printed paper in proper order. Once done the edge of the spine is ground off. After that, a thick cardstock is used to cover the book block. The cover is usually attached along the binding edge by using quality glue. This binding method is perfect to bind magazines with more than a 48-page count.

Out of the two-binding technique, saddle-stitching is considered to be much more cost-effective. However, if you are looking for quality prints for magazines with more than 1000 pages, perfect bound might be the right choice for cheap magazine prints.

  • Printing Cost

In comparison to traditional printing, magazine printing online is pretty affordable. For instance, the cost of cheap magazine printing from reputed companies won’t be more than $500. The reason is their ability to take care of both short-run and long-run printing needs, without compromising on quality. The professionals of the online printing company would use good quality paper stock and the best colors for getting a magazine printed.

  • Fast Turnaround

Customers expect a fast turnaround for magazine printing services. When we are by your side, you can stay assured of that. You will receive your product usually within 3-4 business days from the date of proof approval.

  • Quality Prints

Going for cheap magazine prints doesn’t signify that the print quality of the magazines would be poor. Rather, the prints offered by the professional printing company are outstanding. To get quality prints, digital printing is usually used by professionals. However, some print companies might also provide offset printing services. So, it’s better to have a word with the printing professionals to know which printing technology would offer good-quality prints.

  • Paper & Cover Stock

If you are looking for high-quality magazines, you should pick your paper stock and cover stock carefully. For instance, you can pick a 100lb gloss with aqueous coating option from the printing company for your magazine. However, you can ask your magazine printing company if they can offer gloss or matte text paper stock for the magazine pages. To give the magazines a perfect finish, you can either go for a 14pt gloss cover coating with UV high gloss finish or a 100lb gloss book cover with aqueous coating for a more premium finish.

Does Cheap Magazine Printing Means Low-Quality Printing?

The emergence of digital technology hasn’t reduced the popularity of magazines or magazine printing services. It’s a well-known fact that a certain section of the audience still prefers print magazines over digital magazines or better be said digital content.

Hence, print quality is an important factor to consider when printing for offline magazines. However, cheap magazine printing does not necessarily indicate low-quality prints.

In today’s age, it’s natural to think whether printed magazines still have a real purpose or a place in society. Well, the answer is a big - Yes. Well, the touch and feel of a printed magazine can’t match anything else. The tactile quality of a printed magazine is what makes them very unique. Well, there is a high chance of digital magazines getting overlooked or forgotten. But it’s not the case with a physical magazine copy. The possibility of getting attracted to a physical magazine is way more than its digital counterpart.


In the event, you are still wondering that cheap magazine prints are usually of low quality, then you are very wrong. When you have a professional like us by your side, outstanding quality is guaranteed.


  • Paper Quality: It must be kept in mind that the paper quality greatly affects the printing quality and color appearance. Hence, it's crucial to go for good-quality paper. A professional magazine printing company would offer customers multiple paper options. Well, customers get the option to pick paper of any thickness and finish for the inside page and the cover page. The inside pages can have aqueous coating; whereas, the cover pages can have a matte or gloss finish.


  • Binding: To avoid low-quality prints, the binding factor shouldn’t be neglected. Professional printers would not restrict to any one binding technique for printing the magazines. Rather than depending on the magazine size, they would offer the right binding process. It must be kept in mind that depending on the binding, the functionality of the magazine would greatly depend.

However, printing professionals will always opt for the best binding technique so that the durability of any physical copy of a magazine is more. Not to forget about the overall good impression it can create on the readers.

Well, if these two factors are closely looked into, then cheap magazine prints won’t result in low-quality prints. Rather, businesses using print magazines can stay assured of getting a huge flow of committed audience base. Quality prints can keep the attention of targeted audiences or readers for a long time. Hence, increasing the chance of customer engagement and more profit for the business house.

Always, hire a reputable magazine printing company to get the best deal. They work with experienced professionals who know the importance of quality magazine printing very well. Hence, they would do their best to meet the client specifications so that the final product stands out from the competition.