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Print high quality but yet, ultra-affordable letterheads for a fraction of what our competitors are charging. We compete with worldwide printers with the best of the best in quality, speed, and prices to compete with the world. Be sure to get the best custom letterheads, without spending a lot. 

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Make your business stationery more professionally looking!

Letterheads are the top part of the stationery where you can include your business logo, name, address, and other useful information to the clients and people with whom you might be corresponding in the future. Our letterhead prints are:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be ordered in quantities of 250 to 10.000
  • Have a fast turnaround time
  • Affordable prices

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File Requirements - File Formats: We welcome all file formats.


- Quality: Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.



What our Custom Letterhead Printing customers are saying:

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My business was badly in need of some letterheads. I roped in the best brains at 55printing and I’m highly impressed with the results. These guys have done a great job.

★★★★★ - Jake Riley, Elysian Heights
Commercial letterheads do a great job. This is why I chose them for getting the job done. I’m thankful to the team of designers who helped perfect the style of the letterhead print. They have keen knowledge in the job and give you good quotes. All the letterheads are great and impressive, to say the least.


Personalized Cheap Stationery Printing for Your Business

Letterheads form the most important mode of communication for any business. Even in this digital world, emails have failed to take the place of office letterheads. Both large and small-scale corporations use personalized letterheads for communicating with clients and business prospects. Moreover, a personalized letterhead can help to create a long-lasting impression on the minds of the clients and business partners.

build the perfect letterhead print project in 24 hours and as near to you as 1 click

So if you are thinking of cheap letterhead printing services, we can help you out. Print a business letterhead by keeping the company name, logo, and address. With our letterhead printing services, customers get to enjoy the following pointers.

  • Multiple size options
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Bulk quantity order options are available

Why Do You Need Stationary?

It doesn’t matter if your business is a small-scale one or a large one. In the world of e-mails and social media channels, business letterhead is still crucial. Most businesses might wonder if a business letterhead can offer something extra that the electronic platforms might not be able to offer. The answer to this query is a loud yes.

A business letterhead can provide the necessary information to prospective clients and business partners, with whom businesses might interact shortly. Well, a personalized letterhead is important for the image of an organization. Moreover, a letterhead when used by business houses, it can smoothen the interaction process with business prospects and customers. After all, communication is important for every type of business.

modern looking cheap letterhead printing

Take Your Business to a New Level with Presentation Paper Printing

Business houses need to send out letters to clients, business prospects, and partners from time to time. Most businesses opt for letterhead printing with some form of letterhead printed on it. If a business letterhead is printed on the best quality paper, it contributes to business success.

An overnight letterhead printing agency prints a letterhead; it can grab the attention of the audience. Moreover, a printed letterhead can offer a lot of credibility to the business.

Formatting the Stationary

Design letterheads in such a way that it becomes easy for the readers to go through the message. Don’t clutter the letterhead with too much of images and text. The following things should be kept in mind when you want to design a letterhead. The points are:

Choose Paper Correctly

The paper quality used for printing a letterhead is not the same as that of ordinary printing paper. Prospective customers and business clients would associate the feel of the letterhead paper, with the feel of the brand. Hence, any business should be careful in choosing the paper quality. Using too flimsy paper stock would represent the business being sloppy, or using a thick paper stock would represent the business as rigid.

Going for a paper stock that offers the perfect balance between smoothness and sheen is crucial. If you need any help in choosing the right paper stock, you can take the help of 24 hours letterhead printing professionals.

Keeping Everything Simple

Keeping the letterhead simple is important. Only then one would be able to send necessary details to prospective customers or business partners easily. The receiver won’t need to hunt for details that they might be searching for.

  1. The Details: It might sound a bit cliché; however, it’s important for certain situations. When sending a personal letter, it should include personal contact information; rather than providing general information about the business. However, offering generic information is important for businesses.
  2. Design with Proper Tools: Does your business need a professional letterhead? If yes, you should get the letterhead printed by a professional printing company. Ensure the agency makes use of proper design tools. Professional printers would print the letterheads with the help of printers. Good printers can allow adding and editing designs to the prints.
  3. Maintaining Consistency: When a business plans to take the help of 24 hours letterhead printing, you need to ensure that the design of the letterhead matches the website design or business card design.

Adding Special Effects

Even if you are planning to take the help of a professional printer for your letterhead, you can add some special effects. Adding some effects to the letterhead would make your business letterhead stand out from the rest.

24-hours online design tool for letterhead prints

  • Positioning and Alignment: Businesses need to keep everything uniform with other marketing channels. You can ask your printing companies to place the logo off-center on an A4 paper. This, in turn, would help to create a more connected design.
  • Avoid Too Much Color: Color forms a crucial part to make the business letterhead stand out. However, too much of color usage can divert the attention of the user. Or, else, it won’t serve the main purpose of the letterhead. You should choose the colors for the letterheads carefully.
  • Alternative: The front side can be colored and the backside can be kept as it is. However, if any business wants they can get both sides colored.

Customizing a Business Presentation Paper Is Easy

If you are planning to customize a business letterhead, you can look out for the best printing letterhead printing near me agencies. Or, you can just upload your Word Doc file or PDF file and get the letterhead printed on a smooth white-colored paper.

Ways in Which Presentation Sheet Can Be Used

By now, you must be well aware of the fact that a beautifully designed letterhead can serve as a company pad. Any business can add a touch of personality to the business letterheads by adding a photo of the specialized services, they offer.

Business letterhead can be a great marketing tool for businesses that have a stringent budget. Moreover, it can be a great vehicle for announcing special coupons, sales letters, special offers, and other forms of incentives that can motivate consumers to take some sort of action.

Also, letterheads are used for different purposes. For instance, the letterheads are used for:
  • Writing invoice
  • Presenting legal announcements and inter-departmental statements
  • Announcing meetings or notices
  • Proffering business-related information to clients

Businesses are not only opting for letterhead printing services. A number of people is using letterheads for personal purposes.

Understanding the Role of Letterheads’ in Business Letters

If you are still wondering how letterheads can help a business, you need to check below.

Basic Introduction

One of the important printing collaterals for any business enterprise is letter paper. Hence, it’s enough to say that letterhead forms the most important document for any company. On the letter pad; the company logo, company info, and contact details should be a part of the letterhead. Hence, the letterhead can add a positive image to the brand.

Legal Document

Businesses often use letterheads for official correspondence. The reason is simple. The letterhead can be considered a legal document.

As a Salesperson

A letterhead apart from representing a business helps to promote a business. Prospective customers should be hooked to an attractive letterhead. Only then they would decide if they want to read-on the rest of the document or if they want to move on.

Moreover, cheap letterhead printing is considered crucial for any business. When a letterhead is integrated wisely with the right templates and design, it can create a great impression on the mind of the audience. It can also highlight the professionalism of the firm to the reader.

Shows Professionalism

Customers get pleased when they are acknowledged formally. The business letter is very formal. A sense of professionalism can be greatly increased when the letterhead is arranged in the right manner.

From the customers’ viewpoint, the size of the business isn’t that important. However, a business letterhead forms an important measure of the entity’s capability. For this reason, small and big businesses try hard to stick to their level of professionalism, with the help of letterheads.

Persuading Customers

The first impression is very important. Whatever a person sees at a first glance, would either encourage or demoralize them from reading. This is where a letterhead can play a great role.

A well-presented letterhead can easily gain the trust of the audience. Moreover, it can help to snowball a sense of honesty and reliability. Hence, a letterhead can offer a clear vision of the company.

Marketing Tool

near me (1 click away) pre-designed letterhead templates

If you are planning to hire a professional printing letterhead printing near my company, you can remain assured of the fact that a customized letterhead would offer correct information to the readers. Moreover, the information shared would be clear and precise, which would help future customers to get in touch with the business easily.

However, depending on the design of the letterhead, templates, and resolution, a business letterhead can be a great tool for attracting prospective clients. This, in turn, can boost the sales of a business.

Things to Consider When Designing It

You are aware that the letterhead plays a great role in any business. However, if you plan to take the help of a printing agency for letterhead printing, keep in mind certain important elements.

Take a look below:

Presentation Letter Size

Are you planning to design a letterhead for your business? If your answer is a resounding, yes, you should stick to web-friendly measurements. Preferably, the letterhead should be of 900px by 100px.

Presentation Letter Resolution

Do you want to achieve optimal results for your business letterhead? You should keep the letterhead resolution to 300 dpi.

Presentation Letter Template

You will get to see a wide variety of templates for designing a letterhead. The most preferred option would be the easily-centered layout.

Designing a Presentation Letter

Nowadays, designing letterheads yourself isn’t very hard. Obviously, when one designs a letterhead on their own, they can’t expect the same results. The end result might not be the same as a professional designer. Only a professional overnight letterhead printing agency has a team of skilled graphic designers. These designers can easily design a business letterhead of high quality.

industrial letterheads for cheap

On the other hand, customers get the option of templates. Being a renowned printing company, we provide a wide range of templates for business letterhead. You can easily edit the templates. Editing provides the option to add necessary details about the business. Once you edit the template, you just need to add it to the cart and choose the print option.

Lastly, many software and tools are available for designers. The tools are very helpful for the designers as they can access them at any point in time from anywhere. Just take the help of the software to add a variety of information.

It doesn’t matter what type of paper, a business house chooses for letterhead printing.  Rather, you should take care to add matching envelopes. The envelopes should match the size and paper of the letterhead.

What Are The Advantages Of A Business Stationary?

A business can go for letterhead printing services to avail a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at the following benefits.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

A business needs to have a proper market identity, which would help the target audience to recognize it. This is where custom stationery like a business letterhead is going to help a business. A letterhead can improve the brand image consistently. Customers would recognize a business by identifying the logo and easily identify a business from the rest.

  • Standing Out

If a business needs to compete in a highly competitive environment, it can easily stand out from the rest. All that a business house needs to do is to go for a card card-body-designed letterhead template. Often, when different companies offer the same kind of services, clients would go for the one that is more professional.

  • Improve Traffic

When a business uses a letterhead, it can include more than a logo. A business letterhead can have the website URL and email address. Customers can easily check out the company website.

  • Increase in Sales Figure

Businesses planning to print letterheads should include a lot of things. You can add brief information about the business. Even you can include a list of business specialties. When customers find the business serving their needs, they would pick that business. This, in turn, would help to increase sales.

•        Establishing Credibility

Cheap letterhead printing helps a business with branding. Moreover, potential clients would know what a business wants to convey. Also, business correspondence would get a sense of security. Thereby, audiences would be able to trust a business. Client would have complete peace of mind when they know that they are working with a professional company. A credible business would be more professional and have more loyal customers.

letterhead sample

Wrapping Up

Whenever the question of printing a business letterhead comes up, it’s a good idea to hire a professional printing company. Do you want to get letterheads printed at a cheap rate?  Make sure you order bulk quantity prints. However, you need to ensure that the letterhead printing company offers the best quality letterhead prints for your business needs. Only then a business can create a great impression on others and expand fast.


Letterhead Printing Takes Your Business to a New Height

Communication is an important part of a business. This is the reason entrepreneurs send out letters to prospects, clients, and partners.  Business correspondence is common in small, as card card-body as large businesses. A majority of the businesses print their letters with some form of letterhead. Printing letterhead can contribute to the success of the business.

A cheap letterhead printing will draw more customers to the business. Again, it will give credibility to the words that have been written on the page.

Benefits of Using Letterhead for Your Business

Letterhead Printing

You can buy letterheads in bulk from 55printing. It has to offer a wide range of benefits. Take a look at some of them.

Improves Brand Awareness: It is necessary to have a market identity that the target audience will be able to recognize. When you send the potential and existing customers direct mail, you have to check if they recognize the company just by taking a look at the envelope.  This is who custom business stationery is going to help you out. Letterhead is going to improve your branding consistency. Hence, the customers will recognize you and it will set you apart from the rest.

Helps You to Stand Out: If you have a business in a highly competitive market, you can stand out using a card card-body-designed cheap letterhead company template. In case, the customers receive communication from two companies offering the same service, they are more likely to opt for the one that has a professional letterhead. Hence, a custom letterhead can be taken to be an effective marketing tool.

Establishes Credibility and Professionalism:

Letterhead doesn’t just help with branding.  With the help of this, the potential clients will come to know what you have to say. Again, it will offer the correspondence a robust sense of security. Thus, the audience will know that they will be able to trust you and your business. It will make the clients feel that they are working with a credible and professional company. This way it will foster your connection with them.  Thus, the prospective clients will become loyal customers. 

Improves Website Traffic With Letterhead Print Marketing:

When you use a letterhead, you will be able to include more than just the logo.  As a matter of fact, you will also be able to keep the website URL.  Hence, the customers are going to check out the website. This, in turn, will help to increase website traffic.

Lights Up the Sales Figure: If you are planning to print a letterhead from 55printing, why just include your name. You can be creative and keep a picture and brief info that will list the business specialties. This will fuel customer loyalties. Keep in mind that people like looking at business with one with whom they are comfortable.

Starting from professionalism to legality, there are various reasons to use a letterhead. Spend time on your design and make sure that it cohesive with the company materials. 55printing offers various sizing and paper stock options for printing the letterhead. Get in touch with us to discuss your printing project.