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Cheap Color Copies, Fast and easy marketing tool!


If you want to make your business material more attractive, more appealing to the eye or simply more professional, cheap color copies would be the right call. Starting from a minimum of 25 pieces to 1000, all our cheapest color copies have:

  •     Any quantity options (from 1 to 100,000 per order)
  •     Many sizes for copies and poster-size copies
  •     Fast turnaround time (Same-day printing available!)
  •     Finishing Options (Staple, Fold, Bind and Cutting)

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Rush Color Copies


Successfully running a business is not a matter of a joke. Without the right mix of marketing and advertisements, it would be impossible for any business to reach success. The color copies help businesses of all sizes in this regard. It catches the attention of the customers and helps the businesses attain their coveted goals within a short span.


Businesses can take the help of the rush color copies printing services to address the concerns of the customers and appeal to them. Color copies help your audience to know more about the business, products, and motto of your company.


With the help of these eye-catchy quick prints, you will be able to win the hearts of your customers within seconds. Not only that, you will also be able to tap on the potential customer base. Cleverly designed aesthetically beautiful color copies are just the perfect ones to impress your customer base.


Why Are Color Copies So important?


Among all our five senses, vision is the one we rely on the most. Our color vision allows us to gather information from any mundane object and retain it in our memory.


That is why color copies command the attention of our customers more than the less vibrant marketing materials. By printing color copies, you can enhance your brand recognition and make your customers take a closer look at your advertisement. It, in turn, can prove to be positive for your business in the long run.


If you are associated with the printing services, you must know that the printed form of advertisement brings the best result. The colors bring life to the printed advertising materials you want to use for your business.


  • The best thing about the color copies is that the design possibilities are limitless. Get in touch with the quickcolor copies print companies to customize the advertisement design according to your business requirements.


  • The crisp and clean color copies printed on a 20lb paper offer a professional look to the advertising materials without reducing the wow factor even a bit.


  • There are no hard and fast rules for using color copies. That means you can utilize them for announcing sales, discounts, crucial events, or to fulfill any other requirements of your business.


  • The attractive graphics and images make your rush color copies stand out and grab the attention of your audience. You can order as many or as less amounts if copies as you require. The greatest benefit of availing online printing services is that you can get the materials on the same day or the next day.


Talk to the experts working in the field to understand whether you should choose the single-sided pages or the double-sided ones for your advertisements. You can also take your pick from staple, slip sheet or hole punch options to find out the one that suits your requirement the most.


Steps for Printing the best Color Copies


While most people think that printing the color copies is perhaps one of the easiest jobs, the truth cannot be further from this conception. The businesses need to carry out in-depth marketing analysis to understand what to print and how to hook the attention of the audience.


If this step is not performed correctly, sometimes something as simple as printing rush color copies brochure, or creating direct mail-piece can turn into a nightmare. Here are some steps that can help you to print the best possible color copies for your business.


Step 1: Fundamentals of the Project


Businesses need to be really clear about the fundamentals of the project. Ask yourself more questions about the project than you can answer. It will help you to reach the right answers while printing the color copies.


Step 2: Be Organized


Let’s say you have decided to print a brochure for advertising the services your company offers to the clients. In such a case, most people put a lot of thought about the design of the brochure. While that is not wrong, businesses should also consider the audience who will be getting the brochure. They should also decide whether the brochure would elicit any response from the potential clients and how the companies will handle those queries.


Step 3: Get Creative


Once you have sorted all the previous points out, you have to concentrate on the color copies you are printing. Consider the purpose of printing color copies in the first place. It will help you to decide whether you want to personalize the fast color copies or not. Personalized fully print color copies elicit a better response from the audience compared to the single colored pieces.


What Makes The Color Copies The Best Choice?


Most of the time, businesses do not have enough time in their hands to wait for the advertisement copies. We understand this predicament that businesses face so often. By availing our the rush color copy printing services, the customers can reap the following benefits.


  • Fast Turnaround: The online printing services make sure that you get your color copies within 24 hours of placing the order.


  • Online Design: The advancement of technology enables rush printing companies to offer smart online designing tools. The customers can use these designing tools to design their color copies. You can directly print your copies by taking the help of templates or wait for the designers to check and approve your design.


  • Formats: Even though most reputable companies accept all file formats, they often recommend a JPG format with 300 dpi. 



  • Bulk Print: Print you fast color copies in bulk to avail amazing discounts.


  • Colors: You can choose the color scheme of your marketing materials to match the brand color of your business. Most printing companies like CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black). While you can use RGB, sometimes, the print can turn out a bit different than you expect it to be.


Why Choose Color Copies?


Pocket-friendly Premium Quality Printing


We offer the best quality rush color copies that too in a pocket-friendly price. You can choose from our different color range, finishing or coatings to bring life to the color copies. We offer the best cheap color copies printing without compromising with the quality of the print in any manner.


Price Vs. Print Quality


If you are new to the world of color copies, we suggest you check our catalogue carefully. While we ensure the quality of our cheap color copies printing range, you should upgrade the paper if it suits your taste and budget. The heavier the paper, the lower the show through rate will be. This feature might not seem so important to you, but it plays a crucial role if you print both sides of the paper.


Use Gloss to Make Color Copies Pop


You should always choose the glossy papers to make the graphics or the photos on the paper pop. The glossy finish creates a shiny and smooth surface, bringing the attention of the audience right to the information. Choose high-resolution graphics to make sure that you get the best results.


Advantages of Ordering Color Copies


  • Boosts Communication


Studies conducted on the impact of the color copies on the audience showcase that the colorful brochure or other materials boost communication.


Color copies enable the customers to better understand the goals of your business and the quality of the products you are offering. It also enables your team of marketing professionals to send a clear and efficient message to the audience through the color copies.


It is impossible to reach the same acceptance level and engage the audience in a similar manner with the help of the black and white advertisement copies.


  • Grab Attention


As we have explained earlier, the human mind is designed to catch on anything colorful. That is why the color copies have been able to attract the attention of the audience and retain it as well. It is not just an assumption.


Studies have been conducted to check whether the customers are affected by the colorful advertisement copies. In that study, the customers agreed that they are more likely to notice a colorful mail copy than the ones that contain little or no color.


They have also said that the chances of reading the materials enhance when it is printed in colors. From that, you can derive that from brochures to flyers, color copies can come into any size and grab the attention of your customers. So, if you want to pass on a message to your audience, the color copies are perhaps your best shot at it.


  • Influencing Consumers


Right now, we are living in the middle of an extremely competitive market. Businesses are fighting tooth and nail to attract the attention of the customers. If you lose the attention, you will not be able to influence him/her into buying the product.


That is where color copies become extremely important. According to color psychology, you can influence the behavior of the customers with the help of the colors. If you choose the hue that influences the behavior of your target market, you will see the result immediately.


For example, if you want the customers to recognize your product as affordable, you should choose the color orange for your advertisement copies. The U.S. Postal Service agrees that orange color makes people consider a product to be pocket-friendly.


You can also use different shades of green to signify the eco-friendliness of the product. The color codes alone can set your products apart from the pack and boost the marketing potential of your business significantly.


  • Enhance Sales


Color copies can also enhance the sales volume of your business. Many studies have indicated that colorful marketing materials can boost your sales by up to 80 per cent.


  • Amplify Brand Identity


Choosing the color to represent your brand is one of the most important factors for the businesses. Once you choose your brand color, you can use it to design your color copies.


Choosing a color and using it significantly in all the color copies is important for building brand recognition. You should use the same color for the logo as well as the brand.


The more you use a specific color on your materials, the more familiar your audience will become with it. That will help them to recognize and remember your business in the future.


  • Easy To Distribute


You can get the fast print color copies in different sizes and shapes. That makes it easy to carry and distribute among your customers. You can simply take the stack of your color copies to a junction and hand it out to the people passing by. You can also distribute the color copies along with the newspapers. If you choose slightly bigger materials, you can paste it on the walls as a poster so that everyone can see it.


Different Types of Color Copies


Do you know there are different types of color copies that you can avail to make the best of it? Any reputed printing company will make you aware of the different categories of color copies you can print to meet your business requirements. To make the negotiation process easier, we have mentioned some regular selections of color copies you can print for your business.


  • Promotional Copies


As the name suggests, these copies are for promoting your business. These color copies are formal in nature and let the customers understand how they can benefit from your company. This type of marketing material is used for solely talking about your business.


  • Creative Copies


These color copies are fun and witty. You do not need to design it in a formal manner. You can talk about your business, brand or product or use it to spread awareness about something. The goal of the innovative designs and intriguing content of these color copies is, to grab the attention of your loyal, as well as potential, customers.


  • Announcements


Of course, you can use color copies to announce something about the products of your business. These fast printing color copies are formal. Instead of focusing on different designs, the focus of these color copies revolves around the information.


You should design these color copies in a manner that the information grabs the attention of the customers on the first go.


  • Response Copies and Forms


These color copies are best for companies involved in market research. Even though the traditional forms come in black and white combinations, you have to admit that they are boring.


By adding colors to these forms and response materials, you can make it look better and spread awareness about your brand all at the same time. You can also play with the fonts of the form and response sheets to make things interesting.


There are many other types of color from which you can take your pick. But, for that, you need to consult with the professionals of a good color printing company. The professional will not only advise you on the color scheme, they will also help you choose the right font and type according to your requirement.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Creating Color Copies


While making the marketing materials or your business can be an interesting affair, you need to keep some factors in your mind. It will help you to make better designs and keep you away from making a bigger mess of everything. Here are a couple of concepts that you should consider before designing the quick print color copies for your company.



  • Proofread: The information printed on the color copies are just as important as the design. So, make sure to double-check the information before sending it to us. This would slash the chances of any errors.


  • Size: Pick the size of the fast print color copies based on your requirement. You can settle for options 8.5” x11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 17”.


  • Coating: Over time, sunlight and other elements make the colors of the marketing materials fade. To enhance the shelf life of your color copies, you should coat the finish products. Ask the printing companies, and they will take care of the rest of it.


  • Bleed: To keep the quality of the print high, you should choose the offset printing feature.


  • Cuts: Make sure to mention about the cuts on the color copies.


  • Paper Stock: The quality of printing of course depends on the thickness of the paper. While the plain paper costs the least, it is better to choose the 20lb Laser Copy Paper, if you are concerned for the environment. Being recyclable, this paper will reduce your carbon footprint without hampering the quality of your marketing materials.


There is no doubt that color copies play an important role in your business. Instead of making hasty decisions, consult a good rush color copiesprinting company to get the best quality marketing materials. Make a call today to reap the benefits of the color copies.